"So we had to help these people move out of their apartments because the building is being torn down," Gail rambled. "Some of the apartments were abandoned and they just threw those people’s stuff into this huge pile. Like all of their stuff. Things that meant something to people is on it’s way to the dump."

The line was silent for a second. Then Holly asked, “Are you okay, Gail?”

"I just wanted to tell someone about my day," Gail looked up at the ceiling of the locker room. Her voice wavered, "Someone who would listen."

Holly wasn’t sure what to say. Then she did the only thing that felt right, “Do you want to meet me for coffee?”

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Anonymous: Plus one forever wasn't just for wedding, but also for dinner-with-parents so even after 5x07 Holly goes to Peck dinner. Or just Holly's first dinner with the Peck parents


Gail and Steve walked into their parents’ house a little later than they planned. When they stepped in, the alarm beeped twice, announcing that the door had opened.

Elaine walked into the empty living room and smiled to her children with a hint of warning, “You’re late.”

“Sorry,” Steve hugged his mom, “We were working.”

Elaine took both of their coats and hung them up in the closet. Gail spotted a coat in the closet that looked all too familiar. Gail narrowed her eyes, “Mom, who else is here?”

Elaine smiled lightly, “Guests. C’mon.” She walked back toward the kitchen. Steve and Gail started following her. Gail grabbed Steve and pulled him closer and whispered, “Traci is here.”

“How do you know?” Steve asked.

“Her coat is in the closet,” Gail answered and saw her mother step around the corner into the kitchen. “So is Leo’s.”

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While the topic of boundaries and consent has been discussed before, it wasn’t until I re-watched Disney’s Sleeping Beauty that I realized just how much of skeezeball Prince Phillip was in the 1950s version of the story. He grabs Aurora no fewer than three times, ignoring her obvious discomfort, and sneaks up on her as she tries to escape.

I wonder now if the newer scene from Maleficent on the right was deliberately set up to parallel the old one: both take place in the woods on Aurora’s sixteenth birthday. But unlike Phillip, Maleficent respects Aurora’s wish to be left alone and doesn’t chase after her when she runs away.

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